Parameter Settings For Ichimoku… What’s Best?

First day back on the job and I have gotten this message about 10 times and so I will deal with it here for future “askers”. As it has been floating around the world of FX Forums – there are indeed settings beyond the default 9 | 26 | 52 parameters. Though these options that are out there offer a great deal of customization and individuality – the standard 9 | 26 | 52 are like a “Swiss Army Knife”.

I have used the standard settings on various time frames and in every type of weather from thunderstorms to warm sunny days and 9 | 26 | 52 works well, very well.

Point is this.. “STYLE” what is your trading style? Are you a rapid fire 30M Trader or a seasoned 1D Trader? Do you look for “All Opportunities” or do you “Target Really Rich” ones? I find that the biggest reason why Traders change the default parameters of the Ichimoku simply for the synchronization of style and indicator. So that leaves us here.. It is an open ended question.

Generally I help clients customize the indicator W H E N N E E D E D O N L Y !!! Other than that.. Leave it alone.. Ichimoku is so robust and informative that it take a Genius to screw it up…

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